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What To Expect At Your In Home Newborn Session | Anisha Ni'Cole Photography | Inland Empire

So you're ready to book your in home newborn session, but you're not sure what all to expect! Let me lay it all out.

Most of my clients who book with me, do so because they want a stress free newborn photography experience. They love how convenient it is to have someone come to their home, setup, take pictures of their new baby, and they literally don't have to lift a finger!

Some commonly asked questions?

When is the best time to photograph a newborn?

I love photographing babies between 7-15 days of age. This seems to be the perfect time when they are still curly, super sleepy, and don't mind being moved around a bit. But if you miss this window please know your older newborn can still be photographed! I have had great success photographing a 12 weeker!

Do I need to buy anything?

Nope. All props, flooring, headbands, and bonnets are provided for your session. You will fill out a styling guide after your session is booked, and this will help me plan which colors to incooperate into your newborn session. I mostly work with neutrals, and muted colors so that your pictures will have that timeless look. Now if there is some special you want to include that is perfectly fine. Just let me know, so I can make sure to add it in to my workflow.

What if all my rooms are too dark?

Don't worry if the space I will be setting up in is really dark, because I bring my own lighting. This way I can make sure I have the perfect consistency throughout your newborn session.

Do I need a large space?

No. I have done sessions in some of the most non traditional spaces. From a hallway, nursery room, master bedroom, and even in the kitchen. As long as I can setup my lighting which is about 7 ft tall, and layout my props I'm good. Give my a 5x7 area space and I'll make magic.

Do I need to heat my whole house?

No. Please don't do this unless it's a cold day for the whole family. I do not want you to overheat and be miserable. I travel with a heater, and after I setup I will make the room I am in nice and toasty. Also, I have the option to turn down the heat when baby is wrapped in a fe layers, so they don't overheat.

Can siblings and parents be photographer as well?

YES!! I encourage it. I love to do more of a lifestyle feel for these shots. So we can do some with mom and dad in the nursery or bedroom. And siblings are perfect on a big bed, with white or neutral bedding. I also love adding the parents hands of the baby when they are some posed positions.

How long will it take to get my pictures?

I know you are so excited to see your pictures, so I have created a two part system to get them to you as soon as possible. 3 days after your session you will receive your private online gallery with "soft proof" edits. This is where you can choose your digital collection or a collection with digitals and printed products. Then a week later you will receive your fully edited digitals. Printed work takes about 2 weeks to receive, which I will hand deliver to you! I love that my clients do not have to come to a in person viewing. It is all done online which makes it so much easier on a new momma.

What if baby comes before or after their due date?

Don't stress at all. I plan for this actually. 80% of babies do not come on their actual due date. Babies come when they are ready, so I allow a cushion around due date. This is why I take on a limited number of babies per month, so I'm not overbooked. You just have to make sure once baby is here you contact me as soon as you are home so when can get a actual date on the calendar.

And that is about it! You book, and I do the rest!

If you are searching for a in-home newborn photographer in Orange County or Riverside County, please contact me to schedule your session today.


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