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Newborn Baby Session w/ Big Sister | Anisha Ni'Cole Photography | Riverside, CA

Updated: May 20, 2022

Part of my consult is asking whether siblings or parents will join in on the newborn session. I never know what to expect until I'm there and get to meet the little one! They can be super shy, super talkative, or just simply not into the newest member of their family.

When I did this little guy's session, I would super excited about the sibling poses. Big sister was beyond gorgeous. She was chatting with me while I was setting up things and got all dolled up in her pretty dress. She was full of hugs and kisses for her little brother, and seemed like the perfect sister model! Until it was time to take pics.........she wanted nothing to do with laying with her little brother at all. After every bribe failed and sister starting to cry, I suggest to mom we take a break, and I would try again after I get some pictures of the baby.

And boy was I happy I did. Big sister fell asleep. So I asked mom if she was easily startled because I had an idea! It worked out so perfectly.

My goal is to always try to get siblings involved, but some want nothing to do with it. But i will sing, make noises, and anything else to get the shot. A good cheerio on baby always works too.

Take a look at some of the pics we got from this sweet guy's session, and look at how perfect he and his big sister are!!!

Interested in booking an in-home newborn baby session with Anisha Ni'Cole Photography, click here!


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