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You're Booked....Now What


Thank You

I know there are a million different photographers you could have chosen, so thank you for choosing me. I am so excited to work with you and your growing family.
Now the waiting game begins……
By now, you have already signed your contract and filled out additional questions to help me style your session. This gives me time to order anything I need for your session.

No two sessions are alike, I want your session to be special for you! And your images to capture this moment perfectly for your family.


Baby is Here

Once the baby arrives it is very important that you contact me. Once I know that baby is here I will send over a couple of dates for you to choose from to best fit your family's needs. That can include weekdays or weekends. I will try my best to fit around your schedule.
After an actual session date is on the calendar, you will receive  a newborn prep guide. This will give you a few tips so your session can go as smoothly as possible.
But if I’m keeping it real, the baby is in charge. They will determine how many setups I get through, if they will tolerate being unwrapped, and how long your session will be. They are the boss!


Parent & Sibling Poses

Parent and sibling poses are included in your session at no additional cost. 
I encourage parents to get in these shots. We can even do hands-on baby if you want more of a behind the scenes look, whatever is more comfortable for you.
This part of the session will be very relaxed and done more so as  “lifestyle”. So these pictures can happen in the nursery, your bedroom, or even on your favorite couch as long as there is good window light. 
If you want more “styled” posing we can do it against a solid-colored wall as a background. 
Sibling posing can be done in the same manner, on a bed with a neutral color bedding. I also love to pose them on a big fluffy blanket.
For clothing, I suggest no patterns or stripes. A solid neutral or soft tone top is perfect. For the mom, I realize you just had a baby so I will try to capture your most flattering angles, which tend to be more waist up. I love those real close intimate moments too.
I promise that even if you never share these images with anyone, you personally will love them even if just for yourself. You will forever have a memory of how tiny your baby was in your arms at that exact moment in time!


Session Day

Your session day is finally here!
I will confirm your session date with you the day before because let's be honest, life is going to be a bit busier.
I will arrive with lots of stuff, and have to make a few trips to my car. It takes about twenty minutes for me to set up everything, and then it’s go time.
I do prefer to do sibling poses first, that way siblings are not waiting around and becoming restless. Then we can do any family and parent poses as well. 
My number one goal is safety. I do not like to force babies into any positions. If baby becomes super fussy, and I can’t calm them on my or with a pacifier we can take a break. I want your session to be as stress-free as possible for both baby and mom!


Now the Fun Part

3 days after your session you will receive an online private gallery of your images. It normally will be between 20-30 images. They will be ”unedited”. They might look similar. It could be the difference in the angle, hand placement, or the crop. 
You will then choose which pictures you would like to include in your collection.  You can also add any printed products as well. You only choose and buy what you love.
If you are uncertain of the process and need help we can do a phone consult where I can walk you through everything, or we can even do a zoom call. Whatever you need to make the process as easygoing as possible.
Delivery for digitals is 2 weeks after I start editing. (I do shoot for the one week mark.) Prints and products can take up to 2-3 weeks. Once I receive your products and inspect them I will either hand-deliver them or next day ship them to you depending on where you live.
And that it is! I hope your experience will be amazing and you will have timeless pictures to last your family forever!

Anisha Ni'Cole Photography

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